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CPU Accelerators/ System Cache Controllers

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  • Intel® QuickAssist Adapter 8960

    Intel® QuickAssist Adapter Family for Servers

    The Intel® QuickAssist Adapter family provides customers with a scalable, flexible, and extendable way to offer Intel® QuickAssist Technology crypto acceleration and compression capabilities to their existing product lines. Intel QuickAssist Technology provides hardware acceleration to assist with the performance demands of securing and routing Internet traffic and other workloads, such as compression and wireless 3G and 4G LTE algorithm offload, thereby reserving processor cycles for application and control processing.

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  • QNAP MUSTANG-F100-A10-R10 FPGA Accelerator Card

    Intel® Vision Accelerator Design with Intel® Arria® 10 FPGA

    As QNAP NAS evolves to support a wider range of applications (including surveillance, virtualization, and AI) you not only need more storage space on your NAS, but also require the NAS to have greater power to optimize targeted workloads. The Mustang-F100 is a PCIe-based accelerator card using the programmable Intel® Arria® 10 FPGA that provides the performance and versatility of FPGA acceleration. It can be installed in a PC or compatible QNAP NAS to boost performance as a perfect choice for AI deep learning inference workloads.

    • Half-height, half-length, double-slot.
    • Power-efficiency, low-latency.
    • Supported OpenVINO™ toolkit, AI edge computing ready device.
    • FPGAs can be optimized for different deep learning tasks.
    • Intel® FPGAs supports multiple float-points and inference workloads.

    OpenVINO™ toolkit

    OpenVINO™ toolkit is based on convolutional neural networks (CNN), the toolkit extends workloads across Intel® hardware and maximizes performance.

    It can optimize pre-trained deep learning model such as Caffe, MXNET, Tensorflow into IR binary file then execute the inference engine across Intel®-hardware heterogeneously such as CPU, GPU, Intel® Movidius™ Neural Compute Stick, and FPGA.

    Get deep learning acceleration on Intel-based Server/PC

    You can insert the Mustang-F100 into a PC/workstation running Linux® (Ubuntu®) to acquire computational acceleration for optimal application performance such as deep learning inference, video streaming, and data center. As an ideal acceleration solution for real-time AI inference, the Mustang-F100 can also work with Intel® OpenVINO™ toolkit to optimize inference workloads for image classification and computer vision.

    • Operating Systems
      Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS 64-bit, CentOS 7.4 64-bit, Windows 10 (More OS are coming soon)
    • OpenVINO™ toolkit
      • Intel® Deep Learning Deployment Toolkit
        • - Model Optimizer
        • - Inference Engine
      • Optimized computer vision libraries
      • Intel® Media SDK
        *OpenCL™ graphics drivers and runtimes.
      • Current Supported Topologies: AlexNet, GoogleNet, Tiny Yolo, LeNet, SqueezeNet, VGG16, ResNet (more variants are coming soon)
      • Intel® FPGA Deep Learning Acceleration Suite
    • High flexibility, Mustang-F100-A10 develop on OpenVINO™ toolkit structure which allows trained data such as Caffe, TensorFlow, and MXNet to execute on it after convert to optimized IR.

    QNAP NAS as an Inference Server

    OpenVINO™ toolkit extends workloads across Intel® hardware (including accelerators) and maximizes performance. When used with QNAP's OpenVINO™ Workflow Consolidation Tool, the Intel®-based QNAP NAS presents an ideal Inference Server that assists organizations in quickly building an inference system. Providing a model optimizer and inference engine, the OpenVINO™ toolkit is easy to use and flexible for high-performance, low-latency computer vision that improves deep learning inference. AI developers can deploy trained models on a QNAP NAS for inference, and install the Mustang-F100 to achieve optimal performance for running inference.

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